OEHB All Purpose NPK Potash Fertilizer (400 g)

  • High analysis source of phosphorus.
  • N:P ratio of 1:1 makes it an effective source of nitrogen.
  • DAP releases free ammonium. Nitrogen in the ammonium form resists leaching and is a slower release form of nitrogen.
  • The free ammonium gives a higher pH reaction immediately around the granule.
  • The low cost of nitrogen in DAP makes it a cost effective source of nitrogen if Phosphorus is also required.

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Ammonium phosphate fertilizers first became available in the 1960s, and DAP rapidly became the most popular in this class of products. It’s formulated in a controlled reaction of phosphoric acid with ammonia, where the hot slurry is then cooled, granulated and sieved. DAP handles and stores well. The standard nutrient grade of DAP is relatively high, at 18-46-0, so fertilizer products with lower nutrient content may not be labeled DAP.


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