Power Plant Bhumi Power 12kg

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  1. Bhoomi Power is an organic granular formulation with long lasting technology for enhancing growth and development of the plant. It contains humic acid, vitamins, amino acids and seaweed.
  2. In the previous years, the soil was known as humus as whole but now days the compost and the organic matter we added in the soil is called humus. The humus present in the soil, help the plants to grow and develop successfully but with the increased usage of chemical fertilizers the level is going down.
  3. These humus compounds are complex natural organic substances that are formed in the soil from plant residues by the process of humification. The process of humification is affected because of the heavy usage of chemical fertilizers.
  4. Bhoomi Power contains humic acid because of its beneficial impact on growth and cultivation of crop and particularly in organically deficient soils. Humic acid is not a fertilizer but it is a compliment to fertilizer.
  5. Humic acid breaks the compacted soil resulting in increased water penetration and also increase in the root zone growth and development. It increases the ability of plants to take up more nutrients. It helps to freeing up the nutrients so that they made available to plants.
  6. Micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins in bhoomi power stimulates the microbial activity by providing indigenous microbes. Regular use of humic acid reduces the need of fertilizers. Humic acid maintains the ph of the soil.
  7. Humic acid helps in the growth and development of the plant. The long lasting technique ensures longer availability of nutrients thus nutrients becomes readily available to plants over the entire duration of crop.
  8. Stimulates the growth of plants.
  9. Helps to combat nutrient deficiency.
  10. Long lasting technique ensures the longer availability of nutrients.
  11. Enhance growth of root especially white root system.
  12. Helps to uptake soil nutrients.
  13. Fast and quick result.
  14. Enhances resistance to biotic and abiotic stress.
  15. Enhances activity of beneficial soil microbes in the soil.

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