Power Plant Bloom 1L

  1. Power plant bloom is Environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  2. Dose not leave residue build up in soil.
  3. Increases plant vigour to with stand frost, Humidity and excessive Heat.
  4. Increases yield and plant weight.
  5. Increases flowering and fruiting.
  6. Helps in cell wall formation during fruit development stage.
  7. Helps in producing good quality and nutritious food.
  8. Increases shelf life of the perishable vegetables, fruits & flowers.
  9. Dose: Spray 1.5 ml per liter of water during flowering, fruit/seed setting up to mid fruit/seed development stage.
  10. Bloom can be used in the soil during field preparation that is before sowing or from flower initiation stage up to mid fruit development stage with irrigation may be flood or drip. Bloom can be given as foliar spray from flower initiation stage up to mid fruit development stage.

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Powerplant Bloom is a special formulation of micronutrients, enzymes, surfactants, plant extract . In traditional agriculture, soil productivity depended mainly on the natural fertility of the soil. Micronutrient deficiencies were uncommon.

Today in most countries, micronutrients needed by crops are being supplied by chemical fertilization. Globally, very few farmers seldom apply Micronutrients, even though intensive modern agriculture has a nutrient depleting effect. Yields are higher than those of the past, while early maturing varieties mean more crops are grown in the course of a year. Micronutrients are being continuously removed in high yield of harvested produce, without being replaced. The result is widespread micronutrients deficiencies.

Micronutrients have multiple roles in the crop growth and although researches have been undertaken, it is believed that some of the micronutrients’ functions are still unknown. Micronutrients act nutrients to the plants, but also act as catalysts for the assimilation of macronutrients. Micronutrients don’t act separately, but they interact to bring fruitful results in terms of quality and quantity of the yields.

Micronutrients are essential for enzyme activity in bacteria and plants. Enzymes are crucial organic chemical compounds needed for all life processes such as photosynthesis, nutrition, growth and reproduction. Enzymes are complex proteins activated by micronutrients. A correct balance of micronutrients is required for enzymes to function. An incorrect balance between molybdenum and Iron could cause a toxic situation. Micronutrients in a balanced fertilizer program ensure plant growth and yields. Important trace elements are boron, manganese, zinc, copper, cobalt, magnesium, iron and molybdenum. General boron deficiency symptoms include chlorosis, necrosis, and deformation on young leaves and at growing point.


Zinc deficiency would induce an iron deficiency even in soil with high iron content. The photosynthesis, a vital process for the production of plant food stock that is carbohydrates (that human later uses to feed himself) and oxygen (without which no life is possible), is properly accomplished if necessary quantities of chloride, iron, manganese, magnesium, ammonium, sulfur are there. These sources are made available and act differently to harmonize the photosynthesis. Boron deficiency effects have already been highlighted in the upper paragraph. Silicon deficiency will increase the susceptibility of insects and disease attack. There are many effects related to micronutrients deficiency but the few named ones can highlight on the great necessity of not neglecting micronutrients when it comes to feeding the crops.

Power plant Bloom has an adequate quantity of micronutrients in combination with various enzymes and hormones which are very much useful for the plant at the time of flowering to fruit development stages. Flowering stage is the most sensitive stage, during this time plant require adequate quantity of various nutrients and water. Power plant bloom is the best supplier of those required nutrients and enzymes


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