Power Plant Grow 1L

  1. Power Plant contains plant extract to accelerate growth.
  2. Power Plant is environmentally friendly.
  3. Safe to use and has won universal acclaim.
  4. Responsive on all the plants.
  5. Accelerates plant growth.
  6. Increases end yield.
  7. The keeping quality of product produce is increased.
  8. Enhances the disease resistance.
  9. Increases nutritional value of produce.
  10. Healthier and good looking produce.
  11. Does not leave residue build up in soil.
  12. Increases plant vigour to withstand excessive humidity and heat.
  13. More uniformity in plant and fruit size.
  14. The food looks better……..and tastes better!
  15. kind to the environment.
  16. It helps to improve the natural fertility of soil.
  17. Dose: Spray 1.5 ml / litre of wate

750.00 745.00



Unique liquid organic manure which contain Naturally Occurring Hormones and enzymes increase photosynthesis process thus increase net assimilation of plant. Power plant is eco-friendly and safe to use. Increase nutritional value, uniformity and taste of produce. It helps to improve the natural fertility and productivity of soil. There is no residual build up in soil. Plants withstand against frost and high temperature.


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