Power Plant Nitro King 1L

  1. Helps the plant to withstand heat, drought and from internal physiological stress such as germination and flowering. It has been seen in number of field trials that plants grow well under stressful conditions.
  2. Helps the plants to develop healthy roots, healthy growth of leaves, stems, shoots, flowers as well as fruits. Field trials have proven the effect of PPNK in growth and development of plants.
  3. Fasten and increase the germination and makes the seedlings healthy.
  4. Scientists have noted that plants treated with seaweed extract having cytokinin content positively affect the resistance of plants to diseases.
  5. Insects: It has reported in early 1940’s that the hormones in seaweed could be valuable in controlling certain insects & pests.
  6. Shelf life: A few applications of seaweed extract on crops makes the produce healthy with longer shelf life.
  7. Root system: In number of field trials it has seen that there is significant improvement in root development when applied to the soil or foliar applications during early growth.
  8. Seaweed provides range of micronutrients essential to plants for the production of catalytic enzymes. These enzymes are critical in all growing phases of plants from photosynthesis to reproduction.
  9. Effect on soil: After applying in the soil it stimulate the activities of useful microorganisms hence helps to improve the micro flora of the soil.

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Powerplant Nitro King (PPNK) is highly concentrated organic manure with humic acid, natural plant hormones, amino acids, trace elements and other plant nutrients which helps the plants to produce good quality as well as high quantity of final product like grains, fruits & vegetables etc.

There are 16 known trace elements considered essential to plant growth but few of these are available in conventional fertilizers like DAP, SSP, Urea, NPK etc. Although most of the soils have most of the micro nutrients in abundance but they are in locked form not relatively available to plants. To make these locked nutrients available for the plant growth, we have to improve the soil ecology with the use of biofertilisers, various botanical extracts, composts, slurry, vermicompost etc.

But in seaweed, the trace minerals are in chelated form that is bonded with organic compounds which are easily broken down by plants as well as soil systems. Seaweed has natural balance of various plant nutrients. Seaweed also contains mannitol, a natural chelating agent that can make unlocked minerals into available form in the soil.

What does PPNK Contains?

PPNK is having natural growth hormones like cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins help plants in many ways.

PPNK is also having range of organic micronutrients, macronutrients as well as all essential amino acids which make plants healthy.

PPNK contains humic acid which facilitate the micro flora of soil as well as adds carbon(C) to the soil to manage C:N ratio for proper plant growth.


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