Powerplant Fungohit 250ml

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  1. Quickly enters through roots, crown and leaves
  2. Highly systemic via xylem and phloem
  3. Require less number of application
  4. Dual mode of action contact as well as systemic
  5. Excellent growth promoting properties to enhance yield
  6. Protect crop all season long through harvest and post harvest application

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Powerplant Fungohit is based on complex on alkaloids and mineral potassium which is completely absorbed by the plant roots and foliage and stimulates the plant to activate their own defense system. It stops the growth of fungal pathogens and hinders their sporulation. It also activate plants own defense system, thus in response to fungal infection infected plant produces defensive proteins called phytoalexins which stop further infection. Phosphorus in the formula helps in root development to overcome the loss caused by fungal pathogens. FungoHit provide good control of root rot diseases as well as damping off and downy mildew. It also has excellent growth promoting properties to enhance yield, quality and uniformity of produce.

Application Guidelines
FungoHit may be applied by various application method including foliar sprays, soil drench, soil incorporation, bare root dip etc. For foliar sprays apply FungoHit with sufficient water for adequate coverage of foliage according to crop and growth stage.


Use FungoHit@3-4ml/liter of water as foliar spray.
For soil treatment use @1 litre per acre with any conventional method

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