PowerPlant PestoHit+ 1L

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  • A new generation organic formulation leading to pest control at very low dosage.
  • Quick knock down effect.
  • Being biological formulation reduces chances of pest developing resistance.
  • Safe to all beneficial insects.
  • Eco friendly product with no residual effect

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PowerPlant PestoHit+ is an advanced botanical formulation based on extracts and oils of wild plants. It is highly effective on nuisance pests: a lepidoptera family (Spodoptera, Heliothis, Plutella, etc). Once the larvae have ingested PestoHit+ they become paralyzed, stop feeding immediately and die usually within 24 hrs.

It also has excellent growth promoting properties to incurred loss caused by pest attack. All the ingredients in the formulation are natural and completely biodegradable and will not leave any residual effect. It can be used on wide variety of field crops, horticultural crops, vegetables and ornamentals.

Use @20ml/15 Litre of water as a folier spray when larvae or nymphs are first observed. Repeat the application after 10-15 days intervals depending on infestations.

1 Rice Leaf folder, Stem Borer
2 Sugarcane Early Shoot borer, Top borer and Termites
3 Cotton Heliothis, Spodoptera Leutera, Spotted Bollworm
4 Cabbage Diamond Back Moth
5 Tomato Tomato Fruit Borer
6 Brinjal Fruit and Stem Borer
7 Chilli Fruit Borer, Spodoptera Leutera
8 Soyaben Green Semilooper, Armyworm
9 Bengal Gram Heliothis
10 Black Gram Pod Borer
11 Bitter Gourd Leaf Caterpillar
12 Okra Heliothis, Spotted Bollworm

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