Gardening Tools - Garden Tool Set, Garden Tool Kit (5-Pieces)

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Large and Small Trowel This set of essential gardening tools includes one large trowel and one small trowel. These hand tools help the gardener in re-structuring or digging through the soil, in order to make it habitable for plants. Cultivator and Fork The cultivator and the fork are also used for gardening purposes. They help in loosening the soil. They have pointed heads to make it easier for the gardener to cultivate the plants. I-weeder The i-weeder has a split tip and a long thin handle. This handy tool helps in removing unnecessary weeds and loosening the soil in pots. By loosening the soil, it helps the roots to absorb air and moisture. > The perfect tool set for all your gardening needs - contents: weeder, cultivator, big trowel, small trowel, garden fork. > Essential garden tools – These tools are essential for every garden lover and all come in one pack. > Specially designed handles for better grip and comfortable use.

Country of Origin: China