OEHB 100% Organic 5 in 1 combo Amla , Reetha , Shikakai , Bhringraj , and Henna Powder ( Each 50gm )

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This Handmade Powder is best hair remedy. This product is suitable for all hair types, for making hair strong, for dry brittle hair, for sticky oily hair, for hair's shine, for thick growing hair, for soft and silky hair. Both Mens and women's can use. Apply on hairs and you will see good results.It lessens dryness and roughness, reduces hair fall, and make your hair shinier. It adds ricochet to your hair and is enhanced with the integrity of Shikakai, which can likewise lessen untimely turning gray and control an irritated scalp. The shampoo gives enormous foams that in the end reduce out the oil, dirt, dust off the scalp and the hair.