OEHB NCOF Technology Ghaziabad Organic Bio/Waste Decomposer (30 ml per Bottle)-Pack of 6

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  • Super waste decomposer contains beneficial microorganisms in more concentrated and added more veriety number of micro organism.
  • It can control all types of soil borne, foliar diseases, insects and pests as plant protection agent.
  • It can be used in various ways such as quick composting of biowastes, foliar spray as biopesticide against most of the plant diseases for all types of agricultural and horticultural crops.
  • Super Waste decomposer application can eliminate up to 90% uses of all types of pesticides, fungicides, and insecticide since it controls both root diseases and shoots diseases.
  • Supply natural nutrients to organic farming to produce healthy products at low cost. It can be used for any or all crops
  • This product is intended to use for the Agricultural purpose only.
  • It is completely organic & bio degradable.